Handles or "Broomsticks"

Our handles are primarily hardwood saplings and branches cut from our own property and that of family members.  Some of the tree species we use most often are Sweetgum, Black Cherry, Water Oak, Georgia Scrub Oak, Red Maple, Bradford Pear, Dogwood, Persimmon, Willow, Beech and Hawthorne.  These trees generally re-generate from a cut stump, making this a sustainable, long-term source of wood resources.  From time to time, we also make use of otherwise wasted discards from landscaping, arborist and logging operations.  Finding gnarled, twisted, spiral honeysuckle-choked or otherwise distinctive pieces of wood is a bonus we look forward to.

The Broom Brothers also make use of forged iron handles, exotic woods like Diamond Willow and novelty handles, scouring flea markets for unusual items to tie brooms onto.  Some of the novelty handles we’ve used include back-scratchers, deer antlers, totem-pole-shaped giant decorative spoon handles, driftwood, beaver sticks, walking canes and other odd things.  Also among Ralph’s favorite handle materials are recycled/repurposed tobacco sticks and quills from defunct textile mills.

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