Each of my brooms is individually priced, based on a number of factors.

Here is a general run-down of the price ranges:

Cake Testers: $10

Whisk Brooms: $20

Cobweb brooms: $30-84.  Most are $36.

Hearth Brooms:

--Round: $36-84. Most are $42

--Flat/Shaker-style: $42-108. Most are $48.


--Round: $54-120. Most are $60.

--Flat/Shaker-style: $60-144. Most are $72.

Double Brooms: $66-375


In each style, the most common price is for a broom woven onto a rustic natural (but not fancy/twisted) stick.

The lesser-priced broom in each style is for a broom without the weaving/plaiting of the broomcorn stems where the broom meets the stick.

The ascending prices, up to the maximum in each range, reflect fancy/twisted/rare sticks, then copper and/or glass gem inlays.


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