Cobweb Brooms

The cobweb broom is a unique solution to the problem of cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling.  It is thin and lightweight.  Designed for reaching up into corners to neatly pull away spider webs, a cobweb broom is perfect for a job in which a heavy, full-sized broom is less than ideally suited.  The magic of this great little broom lies in the split ends of the broomcorn which grab cobwebs and lift them away.  Rather than a sweeping motion, the cobweb broom is simply lifted up and placed into contact with the spiderweb, then twisted around.  The motion is somewhat akin to winding cotton candy onto a cone.  The rough split ends of the broomcorn grab the webs & remove them almost effortlessly.  This practical, elegant invention highlights the ingenuity of the Appalachian people, who had quite a talent for doing much with little, and with little fuss.

We make cobweb brooms in lengths to match all ceiling heights from low apartment or mobile home ceilings to towering vaulted ceilings. Our longest cobweb broom to date was approximately twelve feet in length, custom-made for an antique-store owner.

The simplicity of the cobweb broom’s design and construction also makes it a handy platform for artistic experimentation – see our double and triple cobwebs and variety of distinctive handle treatments.

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